Wrongful Death

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What wrongful death means:

“Wrongful death” is the legal term for an unnatural death, resulting from an injury or incident that was caused by the bad conduct, wrongful acts or negligence of another person, or company. Most wrongful death claims arise from fatal motor vehicle or semi-truck crashes, some from defective products or designs, or from bad acts.

A wrongful death claim It doesn’t necessarily mean that there was any criminal action or intent to kill the victim (although in some cases, there may be separate criminal charges). Call us if you are unsure if your specific situation qualifies as wrongful death — my consultations are free.

Here is who can file a wrongful death claim:

Generally, the next-of-kin, or the closest family member to the deceased, are the one’s who file a lawsuit. In Washington State, the beneficiaries include a surviving spouse, parent, child, or sibling.

How attorney fees work in auto accident cases:

Auto accident attorney fees are generally on a contingency fee basis. That is what we offer. If our client does not recover any damages, we do not get paid. The attorney fees come out of the injury settlement. But, the insurance company or governmental agency may be legally obligated to pay a pro rata share of your legal expenses if you retain an attorney. This may apply by state law, federal law, and/or contract.

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