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What it means to have a protection order:

A Protective Order is intended to stop someone from engaging in harassment or domestic violence towards another person. Petitions for such orders are usually reviewed and decided on by a judge on the same day.

How the process works:

In Washington, the law provides citizens with many ways to get a protection order. This is an instruction from a court that forbids one person from contacting another (or multiple people). A protection order usually stops someone from coming near the other’s house, school or job, and forbids communication through any means, even using other Protection orders can range from temporary to lasting for several years. In certain situations, a court may even grant an indefinite protection order.

What will a protection order do to protect me?

The issuance of a protection order has far-reaching implications. It will be registered in public court records, which can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s job opportunities, housing, and parenting abilities for an extended period of time. Moreover, any violation of the order could result in criminal charges or other serious repercussions. If you have been designated as the recipient of a protection order or are looking to obtain one to shield yourself from an assailant, you need a well-informed lawyer to safeguard your rights.

How can I get the process started as quickly as possible?

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