I Need a Traffic Ticket Lawyer: We Have 3 Powerful Things That Will Make a Difference in Hiring One

Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Updated 4/14/20 – Published by: Igor Shapiro

Is it always necessary to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to fight a ticket? In terms of practicality, the decisive answer is most probable. It’s astonishing how often worries about speeding and stop signs are entirely misconstrued. Getting a traffic ticket may appear to be a minor inconvenience. However, if you plead guilty, you will be required to pay the stated penalty, which can vary greatly depending on the state and offense, and the charge will remain on your driving record for many years.

Hiring an experienced traffic ticket lawyer from the start will almost probably prevent anything unexpected from happening to your driving rights, in addition to saving you time and money. The fact that you have employed counsel suggests that you are more invested in your case than the violators who come before or after you. When you obtain a traffic citation, you usually hire an attorney because lawyers have a professional relationship with the judge that unintentionally works to your benefit.

Once you receive a traffic ticket, you will be given three options:

  • Paid for the ticket in full. In most states, you can avoid going to court by admitting your guilt and paying the maximum fine within a set period, which is often 21 to 30 days, but this means you will be found guilty if you do not pay the maximum fine within the stipulated time.
  • Enroll in traffic school. You may be eligible to attend traffic school in numerous states if this is your first traffic offense (or if it occurred within a defined time period), and you are willing to accept responsibility.
  • Contest the ticket. If you choose to fight the ticket in court, you may be able to have your fine lowered, or the ticket dismissed entirely; however, this will not be a simple procedure, and you will need the assistance of an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to do so effectively.

While you can choose to fight the ticket on your own, you will most likely have tremendous success if you retain the services of an attorney, particularly if you are facing license suspension or criminal charges. However, while ignorance of the law is not a defense, an experienced traffic ticket lawyer can assist you in making a compelling case to have the ticket dismissed, such as:

  • Subjective determination. There may be times when the officer did not decide but objectively observed you committing a driving offense. Suppose you were ticketed based on an officer’s observation. In that case, an attorney may call the officer’s decision into question, and you will have to persuade the judge to believe your narrative over the officer’s. In most cases, the officer wins, so you’ll need to build a solid case and possibly try to sway the officer’s story. Witness testimony and actual images of the scene can be used as evidence in a court of law.
  • Mistake of fact defense. A traffic ticket lawyer may be able to assist you in demonstrating that you made direct or reasonable error-the lane markings were fading, and you had a solid, valid need defense. In other situations, judges can be flexible, and if your infraction was an honest error that might have happened to anybody, it might be dropped. A mistake means you didn’t have the warning to direct your actions. For example, if a new stop sign was installed in your neighborhood just a few days ago, you may be able to escape a ticket for failing to obey it.
  • Necessity defense. Suppose you were forced to speed up to avoid an accident or hit a pedestrian and were penalized. In that case, an attorney could aid you in putting together a compelling necessity defense to your ticket. It is possible to rely on another legal “necessity” argument when the emergency was not your fault, and this is valid in all 50 states. When defending yourself, it would be ideal if you could demonstrate absolutely that you had no choice but to commit the offense to protect your own and others’ safety on the road by making your defense highly persuasive.
  • Legally justified conduct. An attorney may be able to persuade a judge to dismiss your ticket if your car malfunctioned and you were forced to slow down or stop due to the malfunction. According to your defense, your driving action was legal and permissible under the circumstances of the incident. This style of argument can be helpful in a variety of situations since you are not immediately criticizing the officer’s story but rather pointing forth other facts that support your position instead of explicitly challenging the officer.

How Much Does a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Cost? 

Lawyers typically handle traffic ticket cases on a flat fee rather than an hourly basis. However, in many circumstances, the cost of engaging an attorney is equal to or more excellent than the amount of the traffic ticket fine. The cost will vary depending on the exact issue at hand and the counsel you hire. Furthermore, challenging a minor speeding ticket will be far less expensive than contesting a more severe problem, such as reckless driving charges or running a red light. The cost differential between defending different types of cases is often connected to the complexity of, and commitment to, the casework involved.

Is There a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Near Me? 

It is dependent on your location, and it can be challenging to locate a local traffic ticket lawyer. One simply needs to look as far as the internet, a passing bus, or a local billboard to find a traffic attorney in urban regions. Still, searching can be more difficult in rural locations because of the lack of resources.

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