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What it means to have a will:

A will is a legal document that enforces wishes for what should be done with your estate following your death. It generally names a personal representative (also sometimes referred to as executor or administrator) who is responsible for fulfilling your stated wishes. In addition to stating what you want done with your estate upon your death, you can also nominate a guardian for your minor children and state your wishes as to your funeral in your will. Call us if you are ready to secure your family’s future.

What happens when you die without a will:

Washington State law will not take your property if you die without a will. Washington has a set of laws that detail who will inherit your property upon your death. Generally speaking, the relatives most closely related to you will inherit from you if you die without a will.

How Washington’s laws create a problem:

Because you may want to choose with who or how your property divided among your family or friends differently than provided by law. Also, without a will, all of your property is treated the same. It will all go to one person or group of persons, such as a spouse, siblings, or parents, without differentiation. By preparing a will, you can specify which of your property goes to which family, friends, or other beneficiaries.

If there is already a law in place saying who gets my property upon my death, why should I have a will?:

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